Manage Your Stress for Improved Well-being

Manage Your Stress for Improved Well-being

Manage and relieve 'stress' to stay aligned with your Purpose.
Stress and fear literally cause dis-ease in the body, a frazzled mind and volatile emotions.

Life is challenging!

We don't always know where to start when we want to improve our game and increase our performance, especially when we're too emotionally invested, or stressed.

There are times when we need to be impartial and objective. Yet in reality, can we be an objective observer of ourselves?


"An un-peaceful mind causes an ineffective life."

Managing Stress For Improved Well-being


Manage Your Stress for Improved Wellness

Most of us do our best in stressful environments, yet we never seem to get the to-do's complete. We always seem to be rushing into the next moment.

How indeed do we live our lives 'well'... if we’re unable to navigate through the challenges of the day. How do we aspire and achieve the success and rewards we work so hard for, without feeling ‘stressed’?

With today's technology in the palms of our hands, we have an answer to almost any question we can ask, 24/7. But, if “knowledge is power”, then wouldn’t more people be powerful?

Knowledge is only valuable if it’s applied. It’s only when we take the right actions that we can become more powerful.

How do you manage your stress?

In this information age, we gather more information, overwhelming our minds with unnecessary mental activity. We increase our ‘To-do List’ and every moment of our day is in anticipation of the next moment. We are in busy-ness mode most of the time, yet, few people are reaching new heights of Being.

Some people don't use the information they fill their minds (and bookshelves) with. Others find it challenging to integrate their knowledge into everyday life.

Some fail to self-regulate and make the necessary changes, and so, the 'destructive cycle' continues. They become less productive and as a result, their conditions get worse.

There must be more to life than this!

We know we can be, and do, better.

Regain Balance

Einstein told his son that "life is like riding a bicycle," since a man can only keep his balance if he keeps moving.

To regain balance, we want to move forward in life; to explore, learn, and develop personal practices which are effective, practical, and self-sustaining. It's only when we move that can we dynamically maintain our own unique balance.

When we are balanced and calm we manage our-self with clarity, stability, and confidence. 

As a result, we collaborate better with others when we're in harmony with our surroundings.

With a healthy life balance, we are at peace with our-self and able to thrive.

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Holistic Wellness Coaching with Chantaul Jordan
Managing Stress For Improved Wellness

Food for thought;

  • When last have you taken some ‘Time-Out’ to take stock of your month or year? 
  • When last have you scheduled essential “me-time” when you feel tired? 
  • Have you been too busy to listen to your body’s needs and become ill, whilst your life comes to a halt so that you can take time to recover (Why do we do this to ourselves?) 
  • Do you rely on others to take care of you, could not take care of yourself? 
  • Do you take the necessary short breaks and holidays to restore and rejuvenate? 
  • Do you work and play to YOUR best ability or do you know you want more for yourself, and your life?
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