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Hello, I'm Chantaul.

As a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, I inspire my clients to become self-led, self-accountable and self-reliant. This is so that they can navigate through the current changes on their own with ease.

I’ve been working with individuals and teams across the business spectrum in the fields of emotional intelligence, communication training, and stress relief retreats.

With enhanced Self-awareness, we are able to explore different possibilities and develop skills that equip us to better handle everyday challenges. Being deeply passionate about self-mastery, I love sharing the practical techniques to develop equanimity and a 'balanced' lifestyle.

The curiosity about life has led me to learn, grow, and share effective ways to bring more fulfilment (and less stress) into our lives.

Time-Out Executive Wellness Retreats

I'm excited to share our new venue...the island paradise of Koh Phangan, Thailand, where we now host retreats. These Time-Out Wellness Retreats aim to revitalise bodies, balance emotions, strengthen minds, and empower spirits.

This little yoga and meditation paradise instil a peaceful space, where we live with intention and express our purpose with ease. 

I also enjoy assisting others who are dedicated to creating a clear focus for themselves and to express it in a dynamic and 'authentic' way.

My Personal and Business Purpose

To passionately inspire personal development, 

To throw off our shackles,

To lead full, loving, and quality lives,

To be the best we can be.


My Mission

My mission is first to be aligned with my purpose, and then to create more meaning in our daily activities to live a more fulfilling life. 

To provide useful and practical tips, tools, and principles that can successfully be relied on, especially in these challenging times.

The aim is to cultivate harmony between our inner-self and the external world.


My Reason

As a personal development enthusiast, I’m constantly learning, exploring and practising ways to stay open and present.

I have a natural inclination to simplify theoretical concepts and to create and personally share useful material that is positively impactful.


Inspire - Empower - Transform

Holistic Wellness Coaching for individuals and teams


It’s fascinating and rewarding to witness the dramatic improvements people can make in a short period, with enhanced Self-awareness.

I ensure my clients become self-led and self-reliant so that they can navigate life changes on their own with more ease.

My passion and focus have evolved into helping people develop self-sustained equanimity. These calm, clear states are attainable and with practice, vibrance in the body can be maintained.

Every moment provides us with an opportunity to make better choices. These practices are proving really useful now.

I am an avid student of life and have practised a variety of modalities. It’s a pleasure to share some of these practical techniques with you.


Your well-being

Holistic Wellness Coaching with Chantaul Jordan


Could an energising leap towards healing and well-being benefit you right now?

Could having clarity and certainty benefit you moving forward in these times?

Do your aspire for a more meaningful, fulfilling, balanced lifestyle?

What's your 'why?' in life?

Are You fulfilling your purpose?

If you could positively shift one area of your life, what would it be?

Imagine what your life would be like if you just made this one shift.


Wellness Coaching

What can I assist you with?

Are you looking for a Coach, a Speaker, or a fun and effective Team Building intervention?

Team Development


It's my mission to customise a suitable program to meet your organization's Mission and Vision. 

Our aim is to learn, grow, and contribute through our exploring, and personal practices. On the way, we discover ways to enjoy each step of this unique journey.

We discover more about ourselves when we practice self-mastery and we get to improve our understanding of others. We grow and relate better to our peers and the organisational environment.


By creating more fulfilment within individuals, we find our power and peace within. We are then better able to create/instil harmony outside of ourselves, to the teams and organisations we deal with.

With effective personalised strategies and daily application, we experience an achievement which is more sustainable, for long term success, rather than merely meeting a goal.

When we learn, grow and engage with others (apply the knowledge in a constructive way), we are able to lead a dynamically 'balanced' career and personal lifestyle. 


Team Talk for Personal Development and Well-being

Some of our conversations include;

How to take charge of the active experience in each aspect of life.

How to cultivate a rewarding career and what to practice today.

How individuals and teams attain higher levels of ability and willingness. 

Why does performance in their organisations matter?


It’s fulfilling and rewarding to contribute and collaborate with those who are committed to their well-being.

Realisations of my clients include...

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

"With a growth mindset, I continually direct my own self-transformation."

"Choosing better options and sticking to my decisions are now a lot easier."

"My communication is more effective since I keep started exploring the outcomes I’m wanting."

"I’ve developed patience, compassion, and acceptance for others, AND myself."

"Being present allows for the appropriate ‘head and heart’ communication."

My Journey

Career Summary - From present to past

A hammock suspended above calm and clear water on a sunny white beach.
Koh Phangan, Thailand

Executive Retreats in Thailand

The scenic island of Koh Phangan is the perfect place to step away from your familiar environment, life's usual stimulations, and your memory-based mindset.

Home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, it's the most ideal setting to de-stress, grow, and unite your team with activities designed for exceptional leaders.

Executive Retreats for Exceptional Leaders. De-stress, grow, and gain a new perspective.

You can find all my Team Build options over at Expression Training.

Expressions Training logo

I've been the Principle of Expressions Training for 25 years. We love to help individuals and organisations achieve their highest aspirations.


Photo of people cheering at an Expressions team building event

Inspirational Speaker

Be inspired

A picture of Chantaul Jordan onstage with microphone in hand addressing a crowd.

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Mastermind For Speakers

Facilitator of Mastermind for Speakers, creating a safe space for speakers to grow themselves and their business.

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Founder member and
Past President of the PSASA, KZN chapter
11 Years

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Past Chairman of Exas (Executives Association of South Africa)
25 Years

KZN Woman in Business


Committee member of KZN Women in Business
5 Years

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