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Inspirational Keynote Speaker in Durban, South Africa

Durban Inspirational Speaker

Chantaul Jordan is a wellness-based inspirational keynote speaker in Durban, South Africa. Personal development and authentic living is her passion. Her keynotes will leave your audience feeling uplifted, empowered, and enriched.

With a rekindled passion for personal growth and focussed purpose, the audience/team gains a new sense of clarity towards a dynamic and balanced lifestyle.

Dynamic adjective
1.(of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

2.(of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.

"Our optimal well-being transfers to the family, friends, business, and community."

Chantaul's keynotes are informative, fun-filled, practical, and entertaining. Her presentations add value and meaning in the workplace and personal life. All keynote addresses are custom designed to client requirements and desired outcomes. We all need practical strategies to help us to achieve the results we want for ourselves, our teams and our organisations. This is the focus of these wellness keynote addresses.

Invite Chantaul to inspire your audience in the active experience of enjoying a rewarding life and career, and to attain higher levels of performance and fullfillment in their organisations..

Keynote Presentations include;

Action Success

How to Deal with Media

Network with a Difference

Raise your Sales Success

Take that 'Time Out'

Master Your Elevator Pitch

All the above keynote messages can be crafted to suit the objectives of your event.



Chantaul’s uniquely positive mind-set and effervescence are known to inspire teams and to set up an 'Action towards Success' that becomes self-sustaining.

Her audiences include those committed to their personal development or those who want to be.


I custom craft each presentation to suit an occasion goal and theme.
I love telling insightful stories people can relate to and integrate into a new inspired way of being, at work and play.
Chantaul JordanSpeaker, Coach, Facilitator.

"Dynamic expression of the power within,
provides the cutting edge in business"
Chantaul Jordan

Inspirational Keynote Speaker in Durban - Chantaul Jordan


Invite Chantaul to be your inspirational keynote speaker in Durban
and re-ignite your commitment to personal development

Contact Chantaul to discuss some inspirational options.

Be inspired and enabled to reach far greater levels of performance and results!