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Do I Need a Business Coach?

Picture of a business meeting over a coffee tableMost people are recruited for their hard skills and dismissed because of their lack of soft skills.

More and more businesses are employing Business Coaches to focus on the candidate’s attitude and ensuring that it augments the culture of the business.

The new recruit must be both willing and able to do the job.

Some people are just in a rut and need or want some guidance. If you are in either of these situations/positions then a coach will unveil your hidden potential. They provide a source of inspiration and encourage you to wake up to who you really are, where you truly wish to be and will provide you with step-by-step actions to achieve your goals.

What role does the coach play?

It is important that the coach empowers you and does not make you reliant on them as your motivator. They must provide you with the tools to understand and motivate yourself. This is vitally important in any business today (especially after a business has been re-engineered), where there are fewer people, who are multitasking, and each person needs to perform at their best.

Why is self-motivation so important?

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The “stick and carrot” approach to motivation is out of date. Remember that Self-Motivation is one of the competencies of emotional intelligence.  According to Daniel Goleman, enhancing emotional intelligence in the workplace will increase any business’s turnover between 20 and 30%.

It is especially true for leaders to continue developing their emotional intelligence as 80 to 94% of their job description is reliant on emotional intelligence, as opposed to the hard skills they have acquired through their tertiary training.

And if that leader cannot motivate himself, how is he expected to motivate others?

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