CJ's Musings

CJ's Musings

Ever expanding awareness.

CJ's Musings

Ever-Expanding Awareness

If you’re enthused about your personal development and enjoy food for thought, then you will enjoy the following musings that promote well-being, joy, wisdom, balance and fulfilment.

This is the beginning of an ongoing journey of contemplative stories, personal anecdotes, quotes,  and quality questions, to inspire in us a broader perspective of ourselves, of others, and our world around us.

Musings to Start With

Here are the most popular posts with older posts further down.

Foundation of CJ's Musings


Communication skills, emotional intelligence, and stress management are the three main fields of my business focus and form the foundation for CJ's Musings, as well as a balanced, purposeful, and pleasantly fulfilling life.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

The quality of your personal and professional life depends on your ability to communicate with others.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Negative and positive emotions are powerful forces that can assist you to achieve your desired results in all areas of your life.

Stress Relief

Stress Management

Know the difference between positive and negative stress, and achieve your personal best in stressful situations.

Previous Musings

Here are some past articles I've enjoyed writing with respect to questions I've frequently been asked.

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