Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Live a life you love, today.

Wellness Coaching with Chantaul

Chantaul Jordan is a purpose-based, wellness coach, teacher, and guide.

After 25 years of working with individuals and teams across the business spectrum in the fields of emotional intelligence, communication, and stress management, her passion and focus have evolved into helping her clients develop self-sustained equanimity and a wholeness-oriented, balanced lifestyle.

Chantaul's mission is to assist people of all walks of life to create more meaning and fulfilment in their daily activities, thereby resulting in harmony between their inner-self and external world.


Wellness Coaching with Chantaul Jordan

Can Wellness Coaching help you?

Do you think you don't have the time to relax?

Struggling to get through a difficult situation?

Feeling that you don't have a purpose in life?

Would you like a confidant to help find the clarity you need to take the next step forward?


Life is challenging. We don't always know where to start when we're emotionally invested. There are times when we need to be impartial and objective. Yet in reality, can we be an objective observer of ourselves?

Wellness coaching can help you to clarify your goals, identify your strengths, and overcome your challenges with a custom-crafted plan to action your success.

What is wellness?

Wellness is the dynamic state of balance between your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, occupational, and social aspects of your life.

Good wellness is the intentional and ongoing activity of creating a more harmonious and fulfilling version of your life.

It is the overall health status of your 'you'.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
- The World Health Organisation

Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.
- The National Wellness Institute

Why would you want Wellness Coaching?

You’ve got all the world’s knowledge available to you within a few clicks. But knowledge is only valuable if applied.

Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power.

You can’t see the bigger picture when you are in it. Wellness coaching is having a confidant who can assist you gain a broader perspective of your present circumstances.

A wellness coach can guide you to live your life to the best of your ability whilst making it as fulfilling as possible.

How can Wellness Coaching shape your future?

Wellness Coaching enables your 'Future-self' to be more effective.

For example, in the future you will be able to;

  • Break out of an emotional downward spiral
  • Let go of a behaviour and a relationship that doesn’t serve your greater purpose
  • Practice daily to enhance your success
  • Create 'Balance', between your inner and outer world
  • Quickly regain equanimity
  • Grow in every area of your life
  • Be strong, yet flexible enough to stop, assess, and adjust to a situation
  • Set up your own learning solutions
  • Calmly remain inspired and motivated, in challenging and ‘stressful’, times.

Imagine yourself:

- More relaxed and alert,  creative and decisive,

- Making better choices regarding your health and your happiness,

- Respond to your experiences appropriately, free from emotional reactivity,

- Response-able to design your day, week, etc. at a suitable pace to maintain your Well-being.

With Wellness Coaching you’ll gain a broader perspective of your present circumstances, and where you are heading to. You have a personal guide to assist you to discover and create your own unique path, at your own pace. Be empowed to find your unique solution to your very specific situation or challenge, when it presents itself.

"Knowing yourself better through Wellness Coaching, you will have the ability to learn better ways to continuously inspire, empower, and transform yourself." - CJ

As a result of this Personalised Coaching, you will;

  • Gain clarity of Intention and take the necessary action
  • Continue to practice, learn and grow and deepen your inner work
  • Better manage disruptions, obstacles and changes
  • Understand yourself better, ready to engage with others in a more sincere and constructive manner
  • Focus on what’s important to you, so that you can reach your accomplishments with more ease
  • Be able to minimize distractions and maintain the momentum you set for yourself
  • Feel more relaxed, cheerful and alert, whilst at work and at play.

"I'm excited to assist people who commit to their personal development. As a result, we improve our relationships and gain a healthy interdependence with others and our environment." - CJ

Realisations of my clients include...

"I have learned to pause before reacting and as a result, make better choices. There are fewer obstacles in my week and I'm managing to set myself up for success more of the time."

"The value gained from this self-development is exponential. My self-worth has grown, and every day I am a bit wiser than the previous day."

"It’s only in this moment, I can truly practice choice and act on it. This is an empowering way to live."

Ready to make change happen?


Do you want to keep agreements with yourself instead of slipping back into your old, ineffective, ways... again?

Would you like to manage yourself better so that you can achieve what you aim at?

Are you ready to improve your personal performance?

Wellness Coaching Packages

Clarity Session

A one-hour coaching session

Action Plan Package

Seven one-hour coaching sessions

Accountability Package

Ten one-hour coaching sessions

"We thrive when we're authentic, when we're at peace with others, and when we're in harmony with our environment." - CJ

Regain Balance

Through our exploring, learning, and personal practices, we develop a personal guideline for you which is effective, practical, and self-sustaining.

Einstein told his son that life was like riding a bicycle since a man could keep his balance only if he kept moving. Only when moving can one comfortably maintain one's balance.

We manage our-self better when we have a stable mind and we're moving forward with clarity and confidence.

We thrive when we're healthy and at peace with our-self.

We colaborate better with others when we're in harmony with our surroundings.

Perhaps you're not looking for anything specific, however;

  • You are either searching for a deeper purpose or more fulfillment
  • You want to enhance your effectiveness, your power, as the 'Master of your destiny"
  • Your stress level are literally killing you and you need to learn to relax!
Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching for Managing Stress

Most of us do our best in stressful environments, yet we never seem to get the ‘to-do’s’ complete. We always seem to be rushing into the next moment.

How indeed do we live our lives 'well'...if we’re unable to navigate through the challenges of the day. How do we aspire and achieve the success and rewards we work so hard for, without feeling ‘stressed’?

With today's technology in the palms of hands, we have an answer to almost any question we can ask, 24/7. But, if “knowledge is power”, then wouldn’t more people be powerful? Knowledge is only valuable if it’s applied. It’s only when we take the right actions that we can become more powerful.

Picture of a man sitting by his desk and looking stressed
"An un-peaceful mind causes an ineffective life."

We gather more information, overwhelming our minds with unnecessary mental activity. We increase our ‘To-do List’ and every moment of our day is in anticipation of the next. We are in busy-ness mode most of the time, yet, few people are reaching new heights of Being.

Some people don't use the information they fill their minds (and bookshelves) with. Others find it challenging to integrate their knowledge into their everyday life.

Some people fail to self-regulate and make the necessary changes required. And...so the 'destructive cycle' continues. They become less productive and as a result, their conditions get worse.

There must be more to life than this!

We know we can be, and do, better.

Food for thought;

  • When last have you taken some ‘Time-Out’ to take stock of your month or year? 
  • When last have you scheduled essential “me-time” when you feel tired? 
  • Have you been too busy to listen to your body’s needs and become ill, whilst your life comes to a halt so that you can take time to recover (Why do we do this to ourselves?) 
  • Do you rely on others to take care of you, because...you could not take care of yourself? 
  • Do you take the necessary short breaks and holidays to restore and rejuvenate? 
  • Do you work and play to YOUR best ability or do you know you want more for yourself, and your life?

How can I assist you to intentionally live your most fulfilling and rewarding life?


You must be aspiring to be better, do more, and have a worthy life as you’re still with me.

Are you enthused to explore more of your potential?

Starting now?

Chat to me here.

"Dynamic expression of the power within, provides the cutting edge in business"
Chantaul Jordan