Welcome to Koh Phangan

25 years of learning, growing, and sharing effective ways to bring more fulfillment (and less stress) into our lives, have brought me here, the island paradise of Koh Phangan, Thailand, where I now host retreats that aim to revitalise spirits and rewire minds.

Chantaul Jordan

Hi, I'm Chantaul.

I enjoy a peaceful approach to life by living on purpose and fulfilling my passion. I am dedicated to assisting individuals create a clear focus for themselves and to express it in a dynamic and authentic way.

l enable individuals and teams to take charge in the active experience of enjoying a rewarding career and to attain higher levels of performance in their organisations. It’s fulfilling and rewarding to contribute and collaborate with those who are committed to their wellbeing.

With enhanced Self-awareness, we are able to explore different possibilities and develop skills and equip ourselves to better handle everyday issues.

My Purpose

To passionately inspire personal development,
To throw off our shackles,
To lead full, loving, and quality lives,
To be the best we can be.

My Mission

To provide useful and practical advice, tools, and the principles that you can successfully rely on, even in those challenging times, to live a wholesome and balanced life.

My Reason

Being deeply passionate about the personal development of myself, and others, I am fulfilled when witnessing the dramatic improvements people can make in a short period with enhanced Self-awareness.

Realisations of my clients include...

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

With a growth mindset, I continually direct my own self-transformation.

Choosing better options and sticking to my decisions are now a lot easier.

My communication is more effective since I keep started exploring the outcomes I’m wanting.

I’ve developed patience, compassion, and acceptance for others, AND myself.

Being present allows for the appropriate ‘head and heart’ communication.

It’s only in this moment, I truly practice choice and self-empowerment.

The value of this work on my ‘self’ as the rewards are exponential. Every day, I am better than yesterday.

I have learned to pause before reacting and as a result, make better choices.

My Journey

Executive Retreats in Thailand

High-calibre leaders require a team building event of equal quality.

The scenic island of Koh Phangan is the perfect place to step away from your familiar environment, life's usual stimulations, and your memory-based mindset.

Home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, it's the most ideal setting to de-stress, grow, and unite your team with activities designed for exceptional leaders.

You can find all my Team buidling options over at Expression Training.

Team Building to Action Your Success

I've been the Principle of Expressions Training for 25 years. We love to help individuals and organisations achieve their highest aspirations.

Visit Expressions Training

Inspirational Speaker

My own experiences humble me. I am grateful to be able to reinforce lessons of great leaders and share tools and techniques that work for me and my clients.

Be Inspired

Facilitator of Mastermind for Speakers, creating a safe space to speak.

Founder member and
Immediate Past President of the PSASA, KZN chapter

Past Chairman of Exas (Executives Association of South Africa)

Honorary member of KZN Women in Business

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