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Mi Meal is a fully balanced meal replacement and is most suitable when eating is difficult. A nourishing drink that's high in protein and enriched with 27 vitamins and minerals. Mi Meal is easily digested and contains prebiotics and fibre.

Mi Meal bottle vanilla

Mi Meal vanilla flavour


Mi Meal strawberry flavour


Mi Meal chocolate flavour


Enjoy as a meal supplement, or as a meal replacement.

Just add water


Just add water to Mi Meal Shakes

Mi Meal is recommended for:

Fully balanced meal replacement

Supplementary nutrition for elderly people

Pre and post surgery

Suitable for lactose or gluten intolerant patients

pink skini shake small

High in Protein

Each sachet contains 10 g of protein. Protein is essential for growth and recovery.

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27 Vitamins and Minerals

Contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals. These micronutrients are vital for a healthy body and mind.

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Gluten, Lactose, Preservatives

Suitable for gluten and lactose intolerant patients. Preservative-free.

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Nutrient Reference Value

13% NRV for adults and children 4 years and over

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Contains prebiotics which keeps your digestive system healthy.

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Oral intake or via PEG

May be ingested orally or via gastronomy tubes.

Lactose free
Gluten free
Diabetic friendly

Complement your lifestyle with Mi Meal

Mi Meal Shakes for busy people

Busy people

Mi Meal Shakes for camping


Mi Meal Shakes for hiking


Mi Meal Shakes for traveling


Convenient balanced meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Vanilla Mi Meal shake

Mi Meal - Vanilla

50g x 8 servings per box

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Strawberry Mi Meal shake

Mi Meal - Strawberry

50 g x 8 servings per box

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Chocolate Mi Meal shake

Mi Meal - Chocolate

50 g x 8 servings per box

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"Health is a relationship between you and your body"
- Terri Guillements